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Advice from Case Western Reserve Online MBA Students

May 17, 2023

Pursuing an MBA online while working full time can be daunting. To succeed in an online program, MBA candidates must find a balance that allows them to achieve their academic, professional and individual goals. 

When it comes to deciding if earning a degree online is the right path for you, students in Case Western Reserve’s Online MBA in Healthcare Management program can offer insights into the benefits of pursuing your MBA online and share why this program has been so rewarding for them. 

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Choose the Right Program for You

“I looked into a bunch of different schools and decided an online program would be best for me because I’m working full time as a clinical therapist and a supervisor right now. I felt like I wouldn’t have the capacity to go in person to sit down in a classroom after work or during the day. So, I knew I would need to find a degree program for working professionals.” —Kelly Papenfus, Class of 2024

Find Work/Life Balance 

“You really have to want to put in the work. Many of us hold full-time jobs while in the program, so work/life balance is key.” —Bill Beutler, Class of 2025

Lean on Peers and Professors for Support

“Don’t doubt your abilities to complete an online program. The workload can be rigorous if you work full time or part time—but it is doable. Your professors will help you. Your classmates will be there for you. Your program director and your student success coach will support you along the way. If there are doubts that you can do it, there’s absolutely no reason to lean into those doubts because you have a built-in support network at Weatherhead that won’t let you fail.” —Kelly Papenfus, Class of 2024

Embrace New Learning Opportunities 

“If you believe you would benefit from being able to participate in conversations differently, understand budgets and understand how the business of medicine works, then this is exactly what you should do. It is absolutely the right path for someone who wants to grow, no matter where you are within the spectrum of your career.” —James Leaming, MD, Class of 2024

Network With Your Classmates and Faculty

“Go into the program curious and looking to make connections because it is not the type of program where you simply show up, do your work and tap out. The real benefit is getting to know your peers and the professionals you get to interact with along the way.” —Robin Edmonds, Class of 2024

“I’ve gotten to meet many different people from a variety of healthcare backgrounds. I have one classmate working in marketing and PR, so I’ve been asking her a lot of questions because I have some interest in that based on what I’ve been learning in class.” —Kelly Papenfus, Class of 2024

Think Beyond the Online MBA Classroom 

“I’ve also been using the career support services at Weatherhead [School of Management] to revamp my resume and give it more of a business edge. They always send out information about networking updates, telling us about events we could attend in Cleveland or virtual educational series where executives will talk about their companies.” —Kelly Papenfus, Class of 2024

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