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A Rigorous, Interdisciplinary Curriculum

Our online MBA program is focused on helping you develop evidence-based business management skills that are relevant and applicable to the healthcare industry. Through synchronous and asynchronous online coursework and our in-person residency program, you’ll gain core quantitative skills, leadership-development strategies and one-on-one mentoring opportunities that will help you stand out in today’s complex business environment.

Course Overview

A blend of MBA core and healthcare core courses, the online MBA curriculum is designed to create future leaders in the growing field of healthcare management. Cutting-edge, multidisciplinary coursework from Case Western Reserve’s renowned business, medical, law and engineering schools is coupled with learning opportunities in collaboration with Cleveland Clinic, MetroHealth, Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center and University Hospitals.

MBA Core

This course helps students acquire and/or refresh specific probability, statistics, mathematics and computer skills that are essential for success in the online MBA program.

Through self-directed learning and development, students deepen their self-awareness and expand their emotional intelligence and leadership potential. Leadership development coaches meet with each student twice throughout the semester.

Explore the use and application of basic financial statements, the basic cost structures in a firm and decision-making using accounting information.

Learn statistical and operations research methodologies for managerial decision-making. Topics covered include sampling and the normal distribution, making inferences from data via confidence intervals, and hypothesis tests and analyzing relationships between samples.

Examine the behavioral sciences relevant to the effective management of people and the effective design of human resources systems, structures and policies. Topics include leadership, change management, motivation and pay systems, team dynamics, staffing, organizational design, and more.

Study investment theory and financial value. Topics covered include bond and stock valuation, discounted cash flows, capital budgeting, investment analysis, risk and return of assets, cost of capital, market efficiency and capital structure.

Gain an overview and a basic understanding of modern economics. Study the microeconomics topics of consumer choice, business decision-making and market equilibrium, and the macroeconomic topics of economic growth, inflation, interest rates and exchange rates.

Learn the theory and practice of how firms develop the processes to understand, create and deliver “triple bottom line” value to business and/or consumer markets.

Gain a broad overview of the managerial issues associated with production and delivery of goods and services.

Develop, document and present comprehensive strategic and tactical actions that apply the full range of managerial skills addressed throughout the core program.

Healthcare Core

Participate in a series of site visits hosted by the management of healthcare institutions in the greater Cleveland area.

Explore the wide range of methods and applications of decision science and analytics in healthcare management and medical decision-making. Gain the hands-on experience required to leverage methods for evaluating clinical interventions and informing public health policy.

Gain an understanding of the basic concepts and theoretical foundations of deep learning as they relate to healthcare management. Several applications of artificial intelligence healthcare will also be discussed.

Study the decisions by providers, insurers and purchasers by examining the economic, medical, financial and payment factors in the U.S. healthcare system.

Develop the analytical skills necessary for understanding how the U.S. healthcare sector operates, how it has evolved, the forces at work behind perceived deficiencies in quality and cost control, and the impact of alternative policy proposals.

In this course, students will learn the role of digital technology in creating new digitally enabled services in the healthcare market.

Students interface with employees across the organization at four hospital systems to examine how organizational culture impacts all facets of the organization from operations to patient care.

Gain an understanding of customer expectations and needs in order to identify service-system characteristics that can meet these needs. Learn how to identify errors in service and troubleshoot these problems by identifying the root causes of the errors.

Focus on the creation, funding and management of digital health, biotech, medtech and other health services enterprises. Learn methods for self-assessment and development of business models and plans, techniques for technology assessment and strategy, and capitalization and partnering strategies.

Review the field of health law, including the history, structure, financing and operation of the U.S. medical system; rules and regulations governing health care professionals; regulation of health insurers; medical malpractice law; confidentiality and electronic medical records; fraud and abuse; antitrust law; employer health plans; medical research; and public health.

Gain a broad understanding of the research development and design for studying population health, the prevention and intervention strategies for improving population health and the disparities that exist in morbidity, mortality, functional and quality of life.

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