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Online MBA in Healthcare Management Blog

How to Pay for Your Healthcare MBA

Students in online healthcare MBA programs pay for their degrees in several ways. The important thing to remember is that an MBA in healthcare will pay for itself by creating opportunities in healthcare administration.

Why Soft Skills are Essential in Healthcare

Soft skills are as essential as technical skills in medicine. These human-driven competencies support enhanced patient safety and satisfaction, improved patient outcomes and increased employee engagement.

How Long Does It Take to Earn a Healthcare MBA Online and Part Time?

Looking to advance in the healthcare industry? Most MBA programs focused on healthcare take about as long to complete as traditional MBA programs.

Gregory Jonas: Why Now Is the Time to Get Into Healthcare Management

Case Western professor Gregory Jonas believes accountants can contribute significantly to advancing healthcare and healthcare management.

Who You'll Meet in an Online Healthcare MBA Program

An online healthcare MBA program is only as good as its faculty. Weatherhead instructors bring real-world healthcare industry experience and are committed to their students' success.

Philip Cola Encourages the Power of Encouragement and Mentorship

Data shows over and over again that anybody working in psychologically safe environments and paying attention to positive emotional attractors—working with compassion—is far more successful.