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Online MS in Computer Science

With academic scholarship and research that spans from discovery to application, you’ll take an active part in developing solutions that have an impact on society—even before you graduate. Whether you’re an intermediate or advanced computer science practitioner, you can tailor your course of study to your level of experience and career goals.

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Program Overview

Computer science is an in-demand field that impacts nearly every industry and sector, including transportation, healthcare, education and financial services. Our online Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) program offers a cutting-edge, experiential curriculum that provides you with the fundamental technical knowledge you’ll need to succeed—and also explores new challenges and innovations taking place within the industry. With two program tracks to choose from—a pathways track for students with a strong STEM background who need foundational computer science courses and an advanced track for experienced computer science students—you can pursue a course sequence that supports your computer science skill level.

A well-rounded balance of academics and flexible, hands-on learning led by expert faculty will help you learn, grow and excel in the field of computer science and prepare you for exceptional career growth and leadership potential.

Required Credits

30-34.5 Credit Hours*

Estimated Time to Complete

5-6 Academic Terms*

Classroom Time

Each course will have approximately 50 minutes of live class sessions per week.

*Credit hours and estimated time to completion depends upon your selected program track.

Learning Outcomes

  • Strong technical skills

    • Fundamental technical knowledge needed to succeed in the industry, such as algorithms and theory, artificial intelligence, databases and data mining, and more

  • Independent, self-starter mentality

    • Intellectual flexibility so you can progress into higher-level job positions and leadership/management roles

  • Awareness of team dynamics/communication

    • Ability to be a collaborative team member and communicate through presentations and reports
    • Understanding of workplace dynamics so you can function effectively as part of a team

  • Data-driven leadership skills

    • Understanding of how to use data to make good decisions
    • Communications skills, such as how to frame questions to gather the right data and tell a persuasive story from the data

  • Deep knowledge of a particular domain of computer science combined with a broad foundation spanning multiple disciplines

    • Applied, conceptual and foundational knowledge of computer science concepts
    • Dynamic understanding of decision principles and software patterns so your knowledge can evolve with the industry

  • Persistence in learning and problem solving

    • Develop a mindset that strives to create innovative technologies and solutions in the evolving computer science landscape

Program Highlights

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Comprehensive Curriculum

Our online MSCS features two program tracks tailored to your level of computer science experience. Both our advanced and pathways course sequences offer a leading-edge curriculum covering a diversity of topics that span the evolving field of computer science, including course options in areas like machine learning and blockchain. We focus on helping you develop strong technical knowledge that can be applied to any industry. The curriculum also places a high value on hands-on, experiential learning.

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Our 100 percent online program allows you to learn from wherever you’re located through a blend of self-paced coursework and live virtual classes. Program courses are not interdependent, which means you can complete them in any order you choose.

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Strong Networks

You’ll enter the program as a student, and graduate as part of an expansive, collaborative network of peers. As a Case School of Engineering alum, you’ll become part of a powerful, globe-spanning network that includes more than 20,000 School of Engineering graduates who support the Case Western Reserve community in many different ways. You’ll also become part of the university’s alumni network, which is more than 110,000 members strong.

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With two program tracks to choose from, you can pursue a cutting-edge, multidisciplinary curriculum tailored to your level of computer science experience and career goals.

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Computer scientists are in high demand. Take a closer look at typical career outcomes you could pursue after completing this program.


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