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MS in Computer Science:
A Rigorous,

In recognition of the evolving role that technology plays in virtually every aspect of our lives, Case Western Reserve University’s online MS in Computer Science (MSCS) program curriculum delivers a progressive and cutting-edge education that keeps pace with the rapid advancements in the field.

Course Overview

Through live and independent online coursework and a focus on hands-on learning, you’ll gain the fundamental technical knowledge you’ll need to create new techniques and technologies to advance the field as well as the communication and teamwork skills that are crucial in the workplace.

Our program offers two tracks based upon your level of technical experience: a pathways track for students in need of foundational computer science coursework, and an advanced track for students with an existing computer science foundation. Both tracks require a strong STEM background and offer a comprehensive curriculum that addresses current issues, trends and best practices within the field of computer science and focuses on four key areas: artificial intelligence (AI), databases and data mining, security and privacy, and software engineering.

Built for mid-level professionals with a strong STEM background who want to transition into computer science, the pathways track offers foundational computer science coursework necessary for success in the MS in Computer Science program. Pathways students must have completed a bachelor’s degree, a college-level calculus course and an introductory course in object-oriented programming, but may fulfill remaining computer science prerequisite courses through the pathways track.

Designed for professionals with an agile STEM background and a strong foundation in computer science concepts, the advanced track prepares students for the next level of proficiency in the field. Advanced track students must have completed a bachelor’s degree and all prerequisite coursework. Students will study specialized topics in computer science and emerging technologies.

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