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What to Expect When You Apply to Case Western Reserve University’s Online MSCS Program

February 12, 2024

Earning a Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) is a smart way to enhance your expertise in a growing field with broad cross-industry applications. If you are a seasoned computer science professional, a master’s degree can help you advance your career and qualify for top jobs. If you are new to computer science but have a strong science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) background, an MSCS can help you pivot to the computer science profession. 

Case School of Engineering at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) offers an online MSCS with tracks to suit both types of students. The pathways track equips mid-level professionals who have a strong STEM background with the skills to transition to computer science. Those who already hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field can pursue the advanced track to further their knowledge base and develop high-level skills. 

Application requirements for the two tracks are identical. Read on to learn about the admissions process and how to assemble an application that best communicates your potential for success in the program.

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How to Create a Strong MSCS Application

Case School of Engineering seeks candidates who want to learn how to apply fundamental computer science skills and techniques to some of the world’s most pressing challenges. The admissions process for the online MSCS identifies applicants who can become tomorrow’s computer science innovators. 

Each piece of your application should communicate your ability to succeed in the program, your capacity to add value to the classroom and your enthusiasm for earning your MSCS online from CWRU. As you compile your application, consider how the components can work together to present a compelling narrative to the admissions committee. 

Complete the Online Application, Including Your Resume

When filling out the online applications, provide all the required information, including general personal, contact and demographic information along with your education and employment history.

You will need to submit a resume summarizing your professional life. This should include all previous work experience, focusing particularly on roles, leadership opportunities and awards relevant to computer science. If you are an early-career applicant, include part-time employment, internships and co-op employment.

To ensure your resume is error-free, edit and proofread it thoroughly before submission, and . ask a friend or colleague to do the same as your final step.

Submitting Letters of Recommendation

CWRU requires two letters of recommendation. When considering potential recommenders, identify people who can sufficiently assess your academic preparation, abilities and accomplishments. Your most recent instructors in your proposed field of study are often best equipped to support your candidacy. If you’ve been out of school for several years, one letter may be from your employer, supervisor or someone familiar with your most recent activities.

Choose recommenders who know you well and with whom you have a good relationship. They should offer specific examples illustrating your skills and qualifications and explain why they believe you will succeed in the program while adding value to class discussions and projects.

Write a Statement of Impact

Your statement of impact allows you to tell the admissions board why you are a good fit for the program. Your essay should explain why you want to pursue graduate study and what interests you about this specific program. To write a compelling statement, describe your career goals and objectives while highlighting how they align with the program’s focus. 

Edit and proofread your statement for clarity, spelling, and grammar (and ask a trusted friend or colleague to do the same) to ensure it is error-free. 

Submit Unofficial Transcripts

Next, you’ll need to submit transcripts from all post-secondary institutions where you have earned credit. You can submit unofficial transcripts for the initial evaluation; however, official transcripts are required to finalize your admission. 

If you have participated in any computer science-related boot camps or short courses (MOOCs), submit your certificates of completion to strengthen your application.    

Provide Proof of English Proficiency

Applicants whose native language is not English must provide English proficiency test scores (such as TOEFL or IELTS). If you are an international applicant with a three-year bachelor’s degree, you may also need a transcript evaluation prepared by World Education Services (WES) or Education Credential Evaluators (ECE).

Have You Met Your CWRU Enrollment Advisor?

Consulting with an enrollment advisor (EA) can ease the admissions process and improve your chances of admission. EAs are program experts who can help clarify curriculum details, assess your candidacy and determine which track you should pursue. They know what the admissions board seeks in applicants and will advise you on how best to  highlight your strengths while addressing any potential weaknesses. They can also answer questions about admissions, obtaining transcripts, and tuition and financial aid

Why Earn Your MSCS Online from Case Western Reserve?

The online MSCS program from CWRU can help you achieve your computer science career goals by equipping you with the necessary skills and expertise. The program’s two tracks provide an educational experience tailored to your current skill level, whether you are a seasoned computer science professional or just starting in the industry. 

Case School of Engineering online MSCS students have gone on to work at prestigious organizations, including Apple, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft and NASA. As a CWRU graduate, you will be prepared to succeed in various job titles such as computer scientist, data engineer, machine learning engineer and senior software engineer. 

Contact an enrollment advisor if you want to learn more about the CWRU online MSCS program, or start your online application now.

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